Entry #7

New animation submitted !!!

2009-07-12 09:26:26 by Klaineks

Another spaming submision to newgrounds :D , anyway
Link is right Here
If you want to comment it don't be shy

New animation submitted !!!


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2009-07-12 10:21:32

If this is spam, then would you call something that isn't?

Klaineks responds:

What? Write more clearly


2009-07-12 11:53:52

nice thats your part for the castle crashers collab right?

Klaineks responds:

Yeah , but I wasn't in pc for 3 days and collab in forum was deleted, dunno they submitted it or not :/


2009-07-22 13:22:20

i wanna get a tablet before i start doing adobe and such.i wanna do animations good.not shitty startup ones.ill do it soon though :D

Klaineks responds:

Glad you decided to start animating , you can't imagine that occasions you will have , welcome aboard comrad.


2009-09-12 16:31:52

awesome picture