New animation submitted !!!

2009-07-12 09:26:26 by Klaineks

Another spaming submision to newgrounds :D , anyway
Link is right Here
If you want to comment it don't be shy

New animation submitted !!!

Confused - The trophies :/

2009-07-02 05:47:06 by Klaineks

I was surfing araund the (a.k.a. Newgrounds :p) and suddently saw the trophies , and being confused :
Rewiev crew pick - I understand that crew gives it.
Underdog of the week - How do we obtain it , hmm? (and for what ?)
Turd of the week - WTF? is it for worst flash? but worst even not pass blams and saves :/
King of the portal - it's not trophy right?
and all others for first - fifth adaily and weekly places in rankings.

So here's the problem - Turd of the week and Underdog of the week , how other guys obtain it and what is the meaning of those :/ . Waiting for helpfull responces.

KF sequel ...

2009-06-29 14:36:51 by Klaineks

Had made second submition and working on third right now ...

Kf : No To Racism

FFS (first flash submision)

2009-06-22 15:31:54 by Klaineks

Hope ya gonna like it !
First submision

Trying mine tutorial lessons

2009-05-30 15:59:20 by Klaineks

Everything of this post started in dex.html where i have downloaded video how to make from sketched to flash pictures. And here they is ,THE RESULTS.
P.S. leave comment please.

Fisrt skretch. (flash version on first post :>)

Trying mine tutorial lessons


2009-05-28 09:03:25 by Klaineks

After all that repeats atleast made all off -music in motion- medals :D


Some Klaineks a.k.a. Lukas thoughts

2009-05-19 09:08:57 by Klaineks

Life has no value , unless ure happy about that.
Mettalica ain't so though as name sounds.
Bully's are made for army.
Nerd's are made for and Sega.
Geek's ain't greek's.
burning ants with peace/shape of glass aint so funny as doing it in flash.

Text will be edited (posted).

Some Klaineks a.k.a. Lukas thoughts